Dear Parent(s),

Come on out to Camp Calvary’s information night on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 5:30 PM to learn more about the adventures your 6-12 year old child(ren) will have this summer in a distinctly Christ-centered environment!

This Summer’s Theme: Cruise Ship

Calvary Liner 1

We chose cruise ship because it lends itself to learning about many different cultures and since we want our children to learn to embrace and celebrate each other’s differences, this is a fun filled activity packed way for them to do it.

The Environment

The entire environment will take on the names and activities of a cruise ship. Everything will be labeled and decorated to reflect a ship.

The Itinerary

The cruise ship will set sail from Allentown and stop at different ports around the world. The ports can also be just U.S ports. The cruise ship will dock at a different port each week. There will be one week at sea. The second week will make a first stop in Jamaica etc.

The Curriculum

The children will learn some basic information about the port they have entered. This will include places of interest, some geographical facts, the language, culture, national symbols, food etc. Add to that field trips (going into port) and Camp visits by special guests: Push the Rock and Tiger Schulmann instructor and your child(ren) will have an unmatched summer camp experience!

Once registered, each child’s picture will be taken and a passport will be issued in order to board luxury cruise ship, Calvary Liner 1, which departs on 6/20/16.


Passport issued at registration

Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars: Part of the music program

Sample of Camp Calvary's Medals and Ribbons

A peek at the medals and ribbons campers can win in mini Olympics at closing ceremonies.













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