About Camp Calvary

Our Purpose

To enrich the lives of youth in a faith based, nurturing environment where participants can develop a variety of social and educational skills through fun filled activities.

Our Vision

Our vision at Camp Calvary is to provide educational adventures that would make learning fun and make Camp Calvary a much desired place to camp. We seek to create an atmosphere where participants build self confidence, gain new knowledge, make lasting friendships, develop an appreciation of other cultures, and foster social skills that are long lasting and life changing. It would help participants awaken hidden talents in the Arts or explore and develop new interests while having fun.

The Program

Camp Calvary’s Summer Camp program offers a quality experience for 6-12 year olds with caring staff and a program that includes water fun, field trips, special guests, and an exciting theme. Our camp provides a well-rounded experience which includes a week of mixed martial arts and weekly culinary arts. Campers will make new friends, learn new skills, and enjoy activity filled days beginning June 19, 2017!

Our program at Camp Calvary is developed to help children develop new skills, explore new interests, interact in positive ways, and engage in healthy lifestyles with strong adult role models. We are sure your child will enjoy his or her experience at Camp Calvary’s Summer Camp and that we will meet their needs and create lasting memories.

Summer camp at Camp Calvary is about friendship, team building skills and discovery in a distinctly Christian environment.

2017 Weekly Rates

Registration Fee $60.00 per child ~ Non-refundable ~

One-Week Security Deposit Required ~ Credited to last week of camp attended

Full Time – 5 days per week = $155.00 per week

Part Time – 4 days per week = $130.00 per week

Part Time – 3 days per week = $100.00 per week

Late Fees: $1.00 per minute after 6pm

Field Trips are additional

*Scholarship Available

*15% Sibling Discount

This Summer’s Theme: Partying Across the USA


Partying across the USA will allow campers to explore rich history, places of interest and facts pertaining to six different states in the USA.

The Environment

The entire environment will take on the names and activities of the particular state being visited for that week. Everything will be labeled and decorated to reflect a party atmosphere.

The Itinerary

The parties will begin in our home state of Pennsylvania, then we will visit five other states as pictured to the left. The parties will celebrate the theme of a different state each week complete with invitations and party favors.

The Curriculum

The children will learn some basic information about the state they are visiting. This will include state facts such as the nicknames of each state, how the state earned that nickname, the state flower, state songs, state birds, and state trees. The meaning of the symbols in the coat of arms of each state, foods that are famous in each state studied etc.

Add to that two out of state field trips and Camp visits by our special guest mentioned above and your child(ren) will have an unmatched summer camp experience!

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