About Camp Calvary

Our Purpose

To enrich the lives of youth in a faith based, nurturing environment where participants can develop a variety of social and educational skills through fun filled activities.

Our Vision

Our vision at Camp Calvary is to provide educational adventures that would make learning fun and make Camp Calvary a much desired place to camp. We seek to create an atmosphere where participants build self confidence, gain new knowledge, make lasting friendships, develop an appreciation of other cultures, and foster social skills that are long lasting and life changing. It would help participants awaken hidden talents in the Arts or explore and develop new interests while having fun.

The Program

Camp Calvary’s Summer Camp program offers a quality experience for 5-12 year olds with caring staff and a program that includes water fun, field trips, and an exciting theme. Campers will make new friends, learn new skills, and enjoy activity filled days beginning June 17, 2019 – August 29, 2019!

Our program at Camp Calvary is developed to help children develop new skills, explore new interests, interact in positive ways, and engage in healthy lifestyles with strong adult role models. We are sure your child will enjoy his or her experience at Camp Calvary’s Summer Camp and that we will meet their needs and create lasting memories.

Summer camp at Camp Calvary is about friendship, team building skills, discovery and learning.

2019 Weekly Rates

Registration Fee $60.00 per child ~ Non-refundable ~

Full Time – 5 days per week = $165.00 per week

Part Time – 4 days per week = $160.00 per week

Part Time – 3 days per week = $126.00 per week

Late Fees: $1.00 per minute after 6pm

Field Trips are additional

*15% Sibling Discount

This Summer’s Theme: Camp Calvary on Safari


The Curriculum

Bird Watching 
The great wild garden of all the east and southern safari-lands just has superb bird life, enough to convert those who really did not know that they cared.

Water-based safaris
Water is the ‘source of life’ and Africa is blessed with many wonderful rivers, great lakes and tranquil lagoons which support abundant wildlife, Boats, canoes, and local dug out ‘mekoros’ are the usual ways to enjoy fantastic viewing of species that live in, or rely heavily upon the water. Hippo, crocs, otters and water birds are the most obvious examples, but elephant, buffalo and certain species of antelope are also heavily associated with wetland regions.

Local Culture 
Much of the joy of travel is the experience of other cultures and traditions; take time to know and understand the local heritage of your chosen country. 

The End Result

Anyone who loves safaris will tell you there is no feeling quite like sitting watching the sun set, with crickets buzzing – the memorable and nostalgic African landscape – and with unbelievable wildlife freely roaming all around. That’s the feeling we aim to give your children this summer as they learn more about the wild exotic animals in God’s kingdom and “experience” the local culture of Africa. 

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