Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Spirit Day

Tomorrow is our Spirit Day and we will be serving lunch to the children, so please have your child wear his/her CTECLC shirts!  Also we will be showing the children the prizes for selling the Easter Candy and will be handing out prizes to those who have already turned in their orders.

Prize Flyer

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Gertrude Hawk Easter Candy Sales are due Friday, March 10th and we are fundraising for STEM equipment, sandboxes, playground equipment and classroom needs.  Easter Candy will be back for distribution by the end of March.

Scholastic Flyers will be going out this week and will be due back on March 29th.

Our next Spirit Day will be April 6th and we will be having our Easter Egg Hunt that day so make sure everyone can attend.  We will stick with what we have done in the past, if you could bring in filled eggs for the children in your child’s classroom that will help.   (If it does rain that day we will be having it inside.)

We like sheep
Our Easter Program this year will be on April 7th and we will be posting the time next week.  Remember you child can choose any color sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt and sweat pants they want to wear, except BLACK.  We can only have one black sheep for this play.  All family and friends are welcome to attend!

Easter Play

In addition, save the date(s) April 14 at 7 PM and/or April 15 at 2 PM for viewing of Calvary’s Easter play. An inspiring compilation of Once Upon a Cross and You Thought of Us. One of our school age students will be singing in the choir, Miss Dena will be dancing, Miss Debbie will help direct the choir and Miss Dee will be working behind the scenes.


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