Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s),

As 2020 draws near, we would like to inform you that there will be a tuition increase as of the week of January 6, 2020. The new rates will be sent home soon. You can also find them on our website and posted on the parent bulletin board.

As always, thanks for allowing us to care for your children while you work!

Christmas Program

2020 is coming

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are fast approaching! Our annual Christmas program and dinner is scheduled for Thursday, December 12th at 5pm. We will have sign-up sheets for our yummy dinner soon. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend!

Drop-off Deadline

2020 is coming

Did you know that each classroom has a schedule that they follow each day? Children feel safer with regular routines. By dropping off your child before 10 am, you allow a smoother flow of the day for all the children in the classroom and they also will not miss any of the activities of the day.

So, please make every effort to drop off your child by 10 am!

Encouraging Thought for Today:

2020 is coming

  • Always be joyful
  • Never stop praying
  • Be thankful

Some days, one out of the three is hard, muchless all three because it seems that every which way we turn, there’s negativity being shoved down our throats and not much positivity being highlighted.

Can I tell you a secret? Being happy or joyful is a choice. One which we must make every day that we’re awake to see. It is reinforced with prayer and thankfulness.  Thankfulness that we are loved by God and that with Him in our lives we can’t be sad for too long.

Jesus thought that you and I were important enough to die for. A thought that gives me joy, makes me prayerful as well as thankful.

So the next time, negativity or life situations bring you sadness, remember, you still have a reason to be joyful.


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