Dear CTECLC Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

We trust this note finds you well? It’s about time for another check-up. What is going on with you? How are you and the kids enjoying extra time together? Let us know in the comments section below.

Re-opening Plans

grand re opening

We know that by this time you are wondering about our grand re-opening plans. Our plan is to re-open a week after the Governor announces that Lehigh Valley has made it to the yellow phase. If you wish for your child to continue attending CTECLC, please contact us so that we will know our class sizes and provide proper staffing.


Miss Sue Ann has her own YouTube channel!

She says,

This is a great way to keep our kids active while they are stuck at home. We will all be adding content daily to keep it exciting!

Click here if you would like to check out her channel.

More Fun Stuff – 5 Senses Scavenger Hunt

five senses scavenger Hunt
  • Find something that makes a crunch sound
  • Find something that tastes sour
  • Find something that smells good
  • Find something smooth
  • Find 3 of the same thing
  • Find something that smells bad
  • Find something that tastes sweet
  • Find something loud
  • Find something long
  • Find something soft
  • Find something white
  • Find something quiet
  • Find something rough

Encouraging Thought for the Day

Psalm 33;18

See you at the grand re-opening!

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