Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s)


Our Field Trip to Unangst Farm is scheduled for this Friday, October 20th. Payments are past due so if you have not already made payment please do so as soon as possible. We are asking that all parents meet us here no later than 7:30 am. For those who wish to meet us at the Farm, please meet us there no later than 8:15 am you don’t want your child to miss out!

If it is your intention to meet us there and pay in person, please note that Unangst Farms no longer accepts personal checks.

Also parent(s) / guardian(s) a friendly reminder to please refrain from holding the doors to let others into the building. We are not asking you to be rude, just to explain that it is our rule for the safety of the children.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Did you receive your Save Around Coupon Book as yet?  We are raising funds to benefit our playground! Sales are going on until Oct. 31st. If your child sells 4 books the 5th is yours to keep!

And Now a Bit of Encouragement…

He’s as near as the face that greets you every morning, or the hands that hug your child(ren) every day and teach and love them with care. Oh sure, they call us teachers, but we’re really there to show He cares. So no need to be shy, just send a text of INP (I Need Prayer) or when you stop in to pick up your child(ren) ask for a word of prayer.


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