Dear CTECLC Parents/Guardians,

We pray that this note finds you well. We know that your children are young however it is never too soon to begin educating them about the dangers of the Internet. To that end, we’ve included an infographic of steps to take.

Internet Safety For Kids

S – Stay Safe
M – Don’t Meet Up
A – Watch what files you Accept
R – Make sure info is Reliable
T Tell someone if something or someone makes you feel worried or uncomfortable

2021 Tuition Increase

To our CTECLC Parents/Guardians, we are thankful for your continued support. As we planned for the new year it was necessary to increase our tuition rates. Click here to view the new rates which will become effective on January 4, 2021.

Thought for the Day

let us love one another

With everything that is going on in our nation today, it can become easy to lose sight of the things that we do have control over or the basic things that cost nothing but time, intentionality, maybe some sacrifice but the reward is so awesome.

Yes, I’m talking about love. This is the time when more instead of less is needed. God gave because He loved/loves. It’s not always easy to follow His example of love that sacrifices, but maybe we’re not trying hard enough?

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