Hello All,

Can you believe that it’s almost Christmas already? Well I do–I’ve got the insomnia to prove it. Every year around this time I forget how busy I am and I always promise myself to write a note and stick it somewhere that I can’t miss  so I’ll be forewarned. But year after year I never do it. I think that subconsciously I expect that the next year I’ll either have better organizational skills or think that my memories may  have exaggerated just how busy I really was. Lol.

Either way, here it is, hot off the presses with some new sections we hope you will love:


December 2013


  • Director’s Update
  • Out of the Mouth of Babes (something akin to Kids Say the Darnedest Things)
  • What’s Happening Around CTECLC (Observations by parents or pieces from staff)
  • Poetry Section (Students/Parents/Staff/Published Author)
  • Recaps with photos of the last quarter’s events/daily life
  • Family Fun Pages (Thematic: For Christmas/Easter/etc)
  • Healthy Tips Section
  • About CTECLC
  • Parent/Guardian/Student Submission Section

Since the newsletter is now distributed on a quarterly basis, you will note that the size of the newsletter has increased. As much as I enjoy being a lone ranger, having your input would be much more preferable so that the newsletter becomes a community effort and achieves its purpose of communication, education, encouragement, and entertainment. So what are we looking for? You name it!

  • I love to eat so the first thing that comes to mind is recipes of quick, inexpensive yet delicious dishes, snacks, finger foods.
  • Do you and your child love reading? Maybe you can share some of your great finds or even write a review. It will be featured in the newsletter and here on the site as well.
  • Do you have good clean jokes? Every loves to laugh…share one with us.
  • Take a look at one of the sections above and if you have something that fits let it rip! The deadline for submission for next quarter’s newsletter will be February 4, 2014. They can be submitted via the comment section below (all comments are moderated), email, or to your child’s teacher, just put Attn: Pastor Dee on the envelope.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

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