Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s),

Happy Valentin’es Day! The kids had a ball at the Valentine’s Day party! How are you? How did you do with our trivia quiz? The answers are provided below.

We will be closed Monday, February 19th for a Professional Training Day.  We hope that you are able to have some wonderful family time! That being said, here’s our Valentine Update:

Friendly Reminders From Ms. Vicki


  • Parents there is a late fee assessed after your child has been in our care more than 10 hours. Therefore at 10 hours and 1 minute we begin to charge $1 a minute. Also, please be mindful of the fact that the staff member who stays late to cover just might be the one opening up at 6:30 am the next day.
  • Children’s Health Reports are asked to be turned in every year for your child.  Your doctor’s offices may fax it to us at 610-398-0417.

Gertrude Hawk Candy Sale



Calling all parents, we have some Gertrude Hawk Candy Bars that need to find a home:

  • $1 Bars – Toffee Almond & Dark Chocolate Raspberry 
  • $2 Bars – Coconut Twins

Please stop by to see Ms. Vicki to obtain some more bars to sell. This will help us to reach our fundraising goal this year for our playgrounds upgrade.  

Camp Calvary 2018

cruise ship celebration

We were all just saying Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Now, it’s Happy Valentine’s Day and soon it will be Happy Easter then…School’s Out! What happens when school is over?

Summer Camp! And who has an awesome summer camp program? Why Calvary does. Camp Calvary!

Our theme this year is “Creation Station”

Camp Calvary begins June 18th and continues for 11 weeks. We accept children 5 – 12 years of age. Weekly cost is $160 per week which includes breakfast and a snack. Bagged lunch and water bottle to be provided by parent(s). If you would like more information please feel free to contact Ms. Vicki. It is not too early to Register!

Scholastic Orders


It’s that time again! Scholastic book orders are due today, Monday, February 26th. Reading to your child is not only a great bonding experience it also helps to develop a higher aptitude for learning in your child.

Hope you are ready to place your order then to read a book to/with your child. Reading is FUN-damental!

Valentine’s Day Trivia Answers

  1. Who was the legendary Benedictine monk who invented champagne? Dom Perignon
  2. Which was Shakespeare’s most romantic play? Romeo & Juliet
  3. What kind of flowers are traditionally given to symbolize love? Red Roses
  4. What other gift sometimes accompanies a bouquet of red roses? Chocolates
  5. What was first created by Pope Gelasius in 500 AD, then deleted from the Roman Calendar of Saints by Pope Paul Vl in 1969? St. Valentine’s Day
  6. ‘Valentine’ was the name given to which kind of early Christian? Martyrs
  7. What day is Valentine’s Day held on? February 14th
  8. According to the Legenda Aurea, or The Golden Legend, a fictional work written by Jacobus de Voragine around 1260 AD, who wrote the very first Valentine’s message on the eve of his execution? St. Valentine
  9. Who did the fictional St Valentine send his message to? The daughter of his jailer
  10. What had St Valentine allegedly done for his jailer’s daughter? Cured her blindness

Encouraging Thought for Today:




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