Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s),

We hope this update finds you well! Here are a couple of reminders for your calendars:

Field Trip

Our Applebee’s Field trip is tomorrow, Friday, July 20th. Please remember have your child(ren) wear his/her/their yellow or purple school t-shirt for the trip.

Special Guestspecial guest

Our Special Guest will also be here tomorrow, Friday, July 20th to perform for the children in the morning, so please be sure to have your child here before 10 am. We are asking for donations to give him a love offering.

Encouraging Thought for Today:


Our capacity for woundedness seems to overflow at times. There seem to be opportunities at every turn to be wounded. Whether it be wounded physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, someone, somewhere will accomplish the task for us. The choices we make will also do the job.

One day, over two thousand years ago, a man named Jesus, in the most selfless act ever done before and never repeated, took my place on a cross formed from a tree where He was crucified, obliterating the source and power behind our woundedness–sin.

I saw a quote recently about walking in offense.

“You can benefit from being stretched, but you cannot benefit from offense. Choose to be stretched.”

Offense is a choice. You can either be offended by it, or choose to be stretched by it. Offense has zero profitability. If you choose to be stretched, you will be rewarded. If you choose to be offended, you will be robbed. ~Dr. Matthew Stevenson III

Because of His sacrifice, you and I now have a choice to make.


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