Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s),

We are almost at the end of our Gertrude Hawk candy sale. We know, we know! We’ve been saying that for awhile but we really mean it! We are down to just two boxes–one of Toffee Almond and one of Dark Chocolate Raspberry. You have been awesome in helping so please see Ms. Vicki to grab just a few more bars!

That being said, here’s our End of the Month Update:

Next Week’s Schedule

It’s that time of year again…Dr. Seuss week! Here’s the wacky daily schedule with a few images to get the brainstorming sessions started:

(Click on the small image to view larger image)

Date Days Daily Schedule Idea 1 Idea 2 Idea 3
2/26 Monday Crazy hat day
2/27 Tuesday Crazy sock day
2/28 Wednesday Crazy dress up day
3/1 Thursday Crazy hair day
3/2 Friday Dress up as a Dr. Seuss character day

Staff Meeting – Early Dismissal

Our next Staff Meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 13th. Please add this date to your calendar. The Learning Center will be closed at 6 pm. Please make arrangements to pick up or have your child(ren) picked up by that time.

Spirit Day

Spirit Day

Our next Spirit Day has been scheduled for Thursday, March 22nd. Please have your child(ren) wear their yellow t-shirts. If they do not have one or you would like to purchase another one, we do still have them on sale for $5 each.  

Talking about “Spirit”,  on Friday morning one of the classroom aides recounted a story. When she was finished, I said, “Get out! Would you believe I caught that moment?  I looked up, saw the beautiful picture opportunity, whipped out my phone and snapped it.”

The story unfolds as follows:

One of the children was coming down from the gym with their class after having a moment up there. The child came down the stairs lagging behind the rest of the class. Observing this the class aide waited. As she waited she noticed that the child had taken off their coat and had it dragging on the floor. She told the child to catch up with the class. The child kept up the current pace. In a sterner voice she told the child to pick the coat up off the floor. The child just kept on walking…slowly. Just as she was about to repeat herself, the Holy Spirit quietly said, “Ease up on the child.”

She then asked, “Are you having a bad day?” the child nodded and replied, “Uh huh!”

She gave the youngster a hug and conveyed that she understood and that we all have bad days some times. By that time, they had arrived at their classroom wherein the lead teacher allowed reading time before free play.

As the aide observed, it seemed that none of the other kids would include the child in their group. She helped find a book on dinosaurs and sat down to read it to the youngster. They soon had company as one by one a few of the other children drifted over to have their books read to them as well. The child who was having a bad day, transitioned to having a better day. The child’s mood improved considerably and the aide received a huge hug when her shift was over.

Had she not been open to the voice of the Holy Spirit, she would have missed the opportunity to get to the root of what was causing the child’s moments of inattention and non-compliance.

Encouraging Thought for Today:

Spirit Day

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